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Vice President-Business Development

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Sales/Customer Relations

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Roll-fed Slitting
Roll-fed Slitting Overview
Having trouble getting slit roll-fed products to your customers? Are seasonal business surges challenging your slitting capacity, or are some jobs just too difficult to run, possibly causing a bottleneck within your own slitting department? We have the answer to those slitting headaches and bottlenecks.

Contract Converting specializes in slitting wide web printed and unprinted substrates for the Flexible Packaging and Nonwovens industries. Our state-of-the-art equipment can slit many substrates into roll-fed products with correct roll build and in-wound tension for further downstream high speed applications. With our capability to slit to a minimum of 0.75", we can handle the most difficult of jobs.

So, challenge us with your needs, including maintaining critical centering and print registration tolerances, handling lightweight and difficult webs or performing precise labeling and packaging needs.

Partners in Effectiveness
Contract Converting is the roll-fed slitting leader for Flexible Packaging and Nonwovens customers seeking an experienced, professional, outsource converter. What makes us an asset to our client base and generates repeat business is our emphasis on effectiveness. We recognize the need to help you solve problems, not add to them.

Working with you to effectively solve your challenging needs-including documentation of manufacturing parameters-and an emphasis on scrap reduction is what attracts customers to use our services year after year.

Our customers realize that "effective" outsourcing of critical slitting programs is successful if aligned with the right partner-Contract Converting. We will work closely with you from project start-up through qualification runs and into full manufacturing mode to achieve roll-fed products that mirror your own in-house slitting operations.

Don't Take Our Word for it
It's easy to claim we're the best at what we do, but the proof is in our customer satisfaction. Recently, one of our flexible packaging clients let us know how much they value the relationship we've established over the years:

"Contract Converting is an outstanding converting partner for us. They absolutely know what they are doing and can quickly come up-to-speed on the needs of their customer. We have been working with them for over 3 years now and every time we call on them-they are ready to go."